Reconfiguration Proclamation

So I’ve been thinking over and over again recently how badly I needed to change the layout of Arielle’s closet organizer so all her dresses/clothes could hang more logically.  The way it was everything was kind of crammed in space that didn’t fit such big girl clothes.  ::sigh:: She’s so old now.

Anyhoo, I’ve lamented not preparing some kind of home improvement project to work on while trapped in our house….when I realized- no better time than now!

Here’s how it started out:


Dresses sticking out because they can’t hang freely and in three different hanging zones since nothing fit hanging straight down.  This wasn’t a tough project, but it definitely wasn’t the easiest with all the tight hammering.

First, I pulled everything out of the closet in those areas and detached the two shelves from the center unit.  I had to pull all the pieces out of the wall and spackle (unfortunately for me I had no touch up paint…very disappointed in my lack of planning)


And added the shelf above- using a large level to make sure it wasn’t angled downward…then I anchored all the attachments into the wall with new anchors. Then I sanded the spackle. After I finished that shelf I added the one toward the bottom of the closet.


Added everything back into the closet and BAM! a much more usable space without getting rid of or relocating a single item!


Now I just need to buy some touch up paint so that the project is completely done.  I did take the opportunity to touch up a few spots on Arielle’s room walls, though.

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Who chopped down the lime tree?

Okay, so maybe I didn’t chop the whole thing down, but I finally did some reading on rooting cuttings and got up the nerve to cut off the enormous skewed branch from my lime tree.

A video from YouTube taught me how to do it, and in I dove! Whether this will or will not work, I don’t yet know.

I gathered my materials. Notice I poked holes in the bottom of the cups.


Check out how huge that branch is! And I probably will have to tell many of you this, because I’ve found a LOT of people don’t know- lime trees have thorns. BIG thorns.


I didn’t take pictures as I was cutting, but I got down to these three pieces.  The video on YouTube told me to take the leaves off up to the top and to rip those down, so that’s what I did.


Brand new haircut!


Wet the bottom of the cutting and dip it into the rooting hormone, tap the excess off.


Put in dirt.


Water and then put a plastic bag with rubber bands around top for a “greenhouse”.  And now we wait.


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Settin’ Goals

So it’s been a while since I’ve written…honestly not a whole lot going on as we try and acclimate back into the real world after Ki had two weeks off! We didn’t do any projects, haha. We save that for when we have other stuff to do.

But, I did set some goals for the new year. First let’s start with the non-exercise related.

  1. Tile the hall bathroom.  That floor has also cracked out and is ready for us to make our second go at tiles.  First went really well…let’s see how a BIGGER bathroom ends up!  Should be easier since we’re likely doing 12×12 tiles and not laying them in a pattern that will end with us standing at the entryway reaching to the back left corner.
  2. Get that debt monster down.  You know how it goes. Save money for the future, blah blah blah. Yeah, we’re on it.
  3. Keep my bonsais alive.  It’s been 6 months for most of them. I *can* do this.
  4. Get a little more green.  Every year on Earth Day I make small changes to lessen our carbon footprint on this awesome planet….don’t know what those will be just yet, but always my goal to be less of a dick to mother earth.
  5. Discover Virginia.  We are going to go to a lot of new places in VA this year.  We haven’t seen nearly enough of the state we live in.

Now on to the exercise related ones:

  1. PR- 5k, 10k, 10 miler, half and triathlon.  Not asking too much, am I? ha!
  2. Beat my husband in our exercise challenge.  We have a calendar and every qualifying exercise (3 miles + run, 5 miles + bike, exercise video or 30 minutes of something else) gets you an “x”.  The most xs at the end of the year gets something.  I assume we’ll decide as the year goes on.
  3. Run 1000 miles.  I was close last year (735), but lost some time with injuries. I got it this year!
  4. Figure out a way to get sponsored for my race entries. Haha, just kidding.  What would the sales pitch I would use be for that? “You have the once in a lifetime opportunity for me to race wearing YOUR COMPANY LOGO. My predicted race finishing is about 50th percentile. All I need from you is the entry fee, what do you say?”


Should be a great year! What are some of your goals?!

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Mantle just in time!

So, we finally did it! Honestly, my part in this was mostly done so I played “spectator” and “holder” for a lot of this today. But, we now have a mantle!

Kile drilled into the brick for like 5 hours today. Just kidding, it was like 30 minutes but it probably felt like 5 hours to him.


And then after what felt like an eternity, it was done!! And I personally think it was an awesome (and super economical) project.  HIGH FIVE, KI!


Just in time for Santa to come!

I can’t wait to start our next project! I don’t know what it is yet….but I did have a dream that I just started ripping tiles out of the hall bathroom so maybe we’ll start there after the holidays!

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Stockings were hung….

Oh wait, we still don’t have a mantle.  Well, obviously the holiday wouldn’t be ruined without a place to hang the stockings, but it wouldn’t be the same for sure.  The lovely Abby gave us some awesome stocking holders and we wanted to be able to use them! So what do we do? Obviously Kile and I had no choice except to make one.

A board, some trim, brackets and stain from Lowes and we were good to go! I didn’t get any pictures of Ki putting the trim on the front of the board because I was at work, but I did get some while I was staining.  I was going to wait until the project was done to post, but it’s been SO LONG since I’ve posted.  So…..sneak peek of our soon-to-be mantle 😀

Stay tuned!

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Hip to be tied

So this weekend Ki and I drove away to Norfolk for a race weekend thanks to his mother and father!

The plan was 5k and half- his first half marathon and my 7th.  I’ve had residual hip flexor pain since tackling the treacherous hills of Petersburg…but haven’t had a chance to rest because after that weekend my team had a 12 mile training run, a 6 mile run, the actual half marathon and then this race weekend.

The 5k weather was PERFECTION. I hobbled for probably the first half mile and then found my stride and managed to do a pretty solid 5k.  Ki ran a PR for the first 5k he was trained and uninjured.

But the half. The weather slowly started taking a dive and the forecast went into the toilet.  And we woke up in the morning to a raining mess- and it never changed…except to get even colder while we ran.  My hip flexor was KILLING me for like the first four miles but we ran a really steady race- and Ki stayed with me the whole time for his first half.<3

We had a great weekend and saw tons of friends and completed the Get Lit Challenge.

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Ready to race

So this morning I put on my 13.1 necklace that my mother and father-in-law bought me the Christmas after my first half marathon and I couldn’t help but think about this coming weekend.  Saturday will be a day of firsts for so many people….first 8k, first half, first marathon, and for me- first time at a race as a coach.


2 years ago I was getting ready to accomplish the first half marathon goal for myself after months of training with the Greyhounds and found myself a ball of stress. I hadn’t had many bumps in my training, save for a horrible ten mile training run that left me questioning why I had signed up for this in the first place.  But forward I forged towards the light at the end of the tunnel.

Come race day, I was scared and nervous. But I didn’t need to be.  I got to mile 11 and thought about stopping.  I didn’t want to run anymore- I was tired, my knees hurt, my hip hurt and I just didn’t want to continue….but from the sidelines, a coach from one of the Saturday teams spotted me and realized my struggle and came and ran with me. She told me we could do this…she wasn’t going to let me stop. About a half mile later Tommie (one of the coaches for my team) joined in running with me and the three of us went.  She asked my goal and told me I was SO CLOSE so sped up with me (and the other coach went back to help some others).  And we ran and we did it.  I did it….because I had someone to hold my hand and show me I could.

I am eternally grateful for those two women…without them, I’m not sure what would’ve happened.  I’m positive I wouldn’t have met my time goal (which I shouldn’t have set so low for my first to begin with)….who knows if I would have finished.  But today I stand ready to be there for my team and all the others.  Ready to show everyone (newbie or veteran) that they CAN make it there.  You’ve worked for this, you can do it.  And I am so happy to be able to be there to show you and tell you that you can.

Everyone has worked so hard to get here….and I can’t wait for everyone to start…and finish!

To those who wont be making it to the start line (for injury, life, etc)….I commend you.  It’s so difficult to work hard for something, only to have to make a very difficult choice when it comes to race day.  But your training wasn’t in vain…and your absence not for nothing.  Listening to your body will ensure your future success and these bumps in the road will make the victory that much sweeter.  I hope you all forge forward stronger…and I hope to have the opportunity to cheer you on when your time comes.

I’m so grateful to have been able to witness so many journeys and to do what I can to help with the growth and success.  You are all awesome and you will prove that come Saturday.  UNLEASH THE BEAST!

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