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wizard of drawers

So I got home from work at about 315 today and worked on my daughter’s dresser until like 8.  Granted it was slow going and had Facebook breaks, but still pretty much continuous. Here is the pile of pieces I started … Continue reading

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Slowly as we go

So where have I been!? Well, busy- sort of.  After the half, my legs were screaming, but I managed to help Ki cut the bathroom. And then while he was rolling the first coat, I put together our daughter Arielle’s … Continue reading

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Only half crazy?

This morning I had a half marathon.  Which went really well- but I wasn’t sure it was going to until it was over, ha.  Not only did I eat completely inappropriately the day before, but I got the worst sleep … Continue reading

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Signed, Sealed, Delivered….More Like Cut, Built and Painted

FINALLY. The mailbox.  So to rewind- put my hand through the mailbox board because it had rotted, needed to fix it.  Anyhoo…so Sunday rolls around and we dismantle the newspaper box to reassemble it with new wood. Now I have … Continue reading

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Riddle me this…riddle me that

So this Saturday I will be running my first costume half marathon as- you guessed it- the riddler! I spent a good chunk of yesterday morning working on the shirt since I was trapped in the house while we were … Continue reading

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Seeded in awesome

So you’re probably thinking “oh no post, Rainey must’ve spent the whole weekend firmly planted on the couch watching Jurassic World over and over again while eating buffalo chicken dip.”  Well you’re wrong.  Jurassic World doesn’t even come out until … Continue reading

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Orange you glad it’s fall?

I’m not, bring back summer. With fall comes the chilly (and even cold) weather so I have to take down my tomato garden and then bring in my citrus trees. I’ve had a citrus tree since summer of 2012.  Specifically … Continue reading

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